Camerino is a Beauty Dynasty Built on Family

Makeup Mavens Unite! In the late 80s, makeup artist Ingrid Lopez, her daughter Karem Alsina, and sister Luzmila Giraldo saw a problem: film and TV makeup wasn't good enough. It didn't last under hot lights. So, this family put their talents together to create a better solution.

Global Quality, Eco-Friendly Focus Camerino didn't settle for just good ingredients - they sourced the best, from the US and Canada. Sustainability mattered too, so they used vegan ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. The result? High-performance makeup that lasted all day.

Empowering Artists, Inspiring Everyone Lopez, Alsina, and Giraldo didn't stop at products. They shared their knowledge through workshops, showing makeup artists how to use their products to create flawless looks. Soon, everyone wanted Camerino's magic touch!

From Workshops to Worldwide The demand went beyond makeup artists. Models, actors, and everyone who wanted to look and feel beautiful craved Camerino. So, Camerino Maquillaje Profesional was born! It wasn't just a store; it was a beauty haven with education, products, and the tools to unlock your inner glow.

A Global Legacy The first Camerino store opened in Caracas, Venezuela in 1990, followed by stores in other Venezuelan cities, the Dominican Republic, and Miami. For over 30 years, Camerino has been passionate about creating a legacy of excellence in makeup artistry, education, and helping people feel beautiful. Now, their amazing products are available worldwide! As they expand, Camerino carries with them their core values: superior quality, continuous innovation, and celebrating all forms of beauty.